Friday, March 18, 2011

Nature walks in March

Nature walks in March are open!

We have some birds from the south already -- rooks, gulls, skylarks. We expect more species to arrive soon.

This is a gull, looks nice!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to Sicista Nature Walks!

Sicista Nature Walks ...

... are based on the experience of developing and guiding nature tours in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe since 1981.

... are available during 9 months of the year (from February till October), including all seasons occurring in the north.

... are prepared and guided by the experts of European boreal fauna.

... suit well for everybody interested in nature, even in towns!

... can tell a lot about local fauna, including amphibians, reptiles, bats, birds and large terrestrial snails, many of which are protected in Estonia as well as in other parts of Europe.

... are mostly carried out in and around Tartu (south-eastern Estonia) but, occasionally, also in other places of Europe. If interested, please contact us either via e-mail or phone.

These walks are available in three languages: English, Russian and Estonian.
No hard skills are required from participants. Between 3 and 10 participants are welcome on each walk. Sicista walks are situated never too far from roads and even bus stops (in towns). Walks in Tartu usually last 23 hours. Sicista walking routes have been prepared in Tartu and elsewhere in such way that different animal species can be observed. Please look for additional information about those routes on our website!

In the case of special interests, which may include the observation of certain animal species, particular habitats or a particular season, special guided walks are available on request.

So, let us know about your interests well before the walk!

Booking for Sicista Nature Walks

The best way to book a nature walk in Tartu is by phone. Please do it at least three days (but the longer the better) before the walk. Our nature guides are the experts of European fauna, thus they are often busy somewhere in the field and cannot always find time to guide the walk. That is also why booking well before the event is strongly advised.

Booking by phone (at least three days before the walk): +372 52 57 311
(Monday—Friday, 38 p.m.)

Booking via e-mail (at least three weeks before the walk): matti(at)

Payment for the walk, the starting point

It is necessary that participants pay for the walk beforehand. The best way to pay is in cash on spot. Another option, though more time-consuming, is via bank transfer. 

Participation fee is shown under the description of each route. For walks in Tartu the fee is about 10 EUR per person per a 1-hour guided walk. The number of participants is between 3 and 10. However, transport costs, required for walks carried out away from the town centre, are not included in this fee.

It is easy to find the starting point of each nature walk in Tartu, just have a look at the descriptions of nature walks in Tartu:

Welcome to Sicista Nature Walks!